Up to $15,000 in funding through TechVouchers

What are TechVouchers

Through TechVouchers, you can be connected with an expert in a relevant field of research and embark on a joint research project. The program also enables access to high tech instruments and facilities that would otherwise be difficult to access. It requires the eligible SME to match the grant funding dollar for dollar with cash. Total funding can be spent on contract research with any school from any faculty at UNSW.


  • be incorporated in NSW
  • have fewer than 200 employees
  • turnover less than AUD$30 million per annum
  • have been in operation for at least one year
  • be able to demonstrate the ability to match the applicable voucher amount in cash

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TechVouchers are provided by NSW Department of Industry, find out more or apply now on the government website.

Unlimited potential for real-time 3D laser surveying drone

An autonomous 3D mapping drone that slashes surveying times from weeks to hours has the potential to save lives and cut costs in many industries, as well as assist in disaster-recovery efforts. TechVouchers provided $15,000 to the business-research team for prototyping and development.


Up to $25,000 funding through the MVP Grant

What is the MVP Grant?

The MVP Grant is the next best alternative to TechVouchers - well suited to startups that haven't been incorporate and trading for longer than 12 months. As part of the TechConnect incubator program, you can work with world-class researchers and facilities on campus to develop a new technology which may be eligible for this funding. This is matched funding grant that requires the business to match the requested amount in cash.


Grants are available across all industry sectors, as long as the startup:

  • is primarily focused on the development of technology
  • owns the relevant intellectual property, or the rights to commercialise the technology
  • has a relationship with a potential customer who can give feedback, or a potential distributor willing to on-sell the technology.

The startup must be either:

  • a resident of a co-working space, incubator or accelerator
  • an established business able to provide recent financial statements to Jobs for NSW.

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The MVP Grant is awarded by Jobs for NSW, find out more or apply now on the government website.

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