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Early stages


The creative process of idea generation, is a powerful tool for businesses to encourage and generate new insights and ideas whilst enhancing collaborative workplace environments.

Business Model Canvas

Learn practical tools and approaches to effectively design a business model canvas for your organisation.

Lean Startup

Learn the basics of the Lean Startup methodology to prototype business ideas in a simple and effective way.

Introduction to User Experience Design

Garner insights on the importance of UX and understand the basic tools and methodologies in creating effective UX.


Explore how to be an effective Storyteller and understand why it is a powerful tool of communication.

Intro to Product Management

Understand the importance of Product Management and the basic frameworks and methods Product Managers use to develop successful products that customers love.


Learn a practical and methodological approach to rapid generation of new product and service ideas.

Finding collaborators and investors

How to Pitch

Get practical tools and techniques to prepare, rehearse and deliver powerful and persuasive pitches.

Pitching to Investors

Understand the different perspectives of Investor (Angel, VC, Government, Bank) and learn how to be confident when you pitch.

Raising Capital for your Idea or Business

Gain understanding of the different types of funding for your business.



From the business name and graphic design concepts to the customer base, perceived quality, effective branding builds the foundation for future success.

Conducting Research

In this module deep dive how to engage with your users to understand how they interact with your products to meet their needs and goals.

Applying User Insights

Explore how to turn the findings from user research into actionable insights that can be used by projects to improve UX over the duration of a project.

Designing with Users

Build skills and knowledge to move from user insights into rapid ideation and prototype design.

Service Design

Learn and understand how to take a customer centric approach to service design that meets the needs of current and future customers.

Risk Management

Learn practical tools and approaches to effectively manage risks within your organisation.


Mental Health and Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur journey is arduous, exhaustive and mentally demanding. Get practical skills to perform at a high level consistently and maintain a strong mental fitness.

Social Media Strategy

Understand how to use social media to successfully lift and validate your brand’s presence and enhance connection and communication with a wide and diverse audience.

Project Management

Explore the basics of Project Management to effectively scope and manage project deliverables and stakeholders.

Agile Project Management

Learn the basics of the Agile Project Management Methodology to deliver projects and manage teams.

Lean Process Improvement

Learn how to instil continuous improvement practices into your organisation to reduce inefficiencies, lower costs, and increase customer centricity.

Strategic Innovation Using the 3 Box Solution

Learn how to advance beyond evolutionary innovation to create non-linear growth and drive innovation with revolutionary business impact.

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