Data to Decisions

Co-operative Research Centres


Essential Particapants

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • Data mining
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Information Integration
  • Service-oriented architectures; Model-driven engineering
  • Ontology management; Privacy and law
  • Crime policy
  • Visualization
  • Decision support
  • National security/Defence
  • Intelligence and law enforcement.

D2D-CRC brings together researchers and industry to tackle the Big Data challenges that face Australia’s national security agencies.


D2D aims to research and develop robust tools to efficiently extract intelligence and unforeseen insights from big data within a balanced privacy paradigm. It will maximise the ability of Australia’s defence and national security agencies to make critical decisions faster and more accurately, helping to build a safer and more secure nation.

Cornerstone Projects

The CRC undertakes the following research programs:

1. Data storage and management
2. Analytics and decision support
3. Law and policy for big data analysis

Essential Particapants

– Attorney-General’s Department
– Australian Federal Police
– BAE Systems Australia Ltd
– Deakin University
– Department of Defence
– Genix Ventures Pty Ltd
– Go Pivotal Pty Ltd
– eResearch South Australia
– Leidos Pty Ltd
– SAS Institute Australia Pty Ltd
– Semantic Sciences Research Pty Ltd
– University of Adelaide
– University of New South Wales
– University of South Australia


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